26/07/13 - My 21st Birthday

This blog has been a little quiet recently, but for good reason.  Because I've been properly back at work, I haven't had an awful lot of time; a) for actual blogging, or b) for blog-worthy activities.  But last week, I turned 21 and I consider that to be plenty blog-worthy.

I was utterly spoiled presents-wise, and I am so lucky to be surrounded by such caring family and friends.  My 'big' present from my parents was a print of a Quentin Blake illustration from Matilda which was my favourite book when I was little.  I can't wait to be able to hang it up in my first home and every time I see it, remember where it came from.

I got a lot of wonderful things, a few of which I've included below.  I am totally grateful for everything I was given.

My love of the Fitzgeralds continues.
My brother went for a cocktail theme, which was very much appreciated!
Not actually a gift, but these were a cheeky birthday
money purchase!
 My actual birthday was spent in work as I couldn't afford to take the time off and most of my family and friends work during the day anyway, so I would have been alone.  The evening, however, was lovely.  My parents, my brother and I headed to Jamie's Italian in Liverpool where we ate some delicious food, consumed a particularly lovely bottle of prosecco, and even sat outside to enjoy the unusually warm weather we've been having lately.  Despite it being the summer, this heatwave is entirely unprecedented and I'm not best pleased to being in work during it!

Gin and Earl Grey martini - utterly delicious and refreshing!
At the weekend, some of my lovely friends from university (namely Lauren, Rosie and Megan) came to visit from their various homesteads around the country and, along with my friends from home, we set about painting the town red!  To save on taxi fares and prevent disturbing my family, we booked an apartment in Liverpool which was a mere five-to-ten minute walk (fifteen when stumbling in heels) from the streets on which most of the city's clubs are located.  It was also the beautiful Rachel's birthday celebration and not far off Megan's 21st, so we got matching birthday badges which gained us lots of unsolicited congratulations!  We had a brilliant time, even with deflating hair and melting make-up in the ridiculous heat - please excuse the shiny, sweaty photos.  We danced until we were ready to drop before heading back to the flat, laden with cheap pizza and aching feet.

Three birthday girls

Sunday was spent in an exhausted stupour after only three hours sleep.  We lounged in deck chairs in a park, stuffed ourselves with Nandos and then it was time to escort the travellers to train and coach stations to wave them off.  Overall, I had a fantastic birthday weekend, and it was great to see friends from two different spheres of my life getting on so well.  

I've been a very lucky girl this year, and I cannot thank my fantastic family and friends enough for making my birthday so special!


  1. You look lovely!! Those boots are so nice - looks like such fun. Happy belated birthday! X

    1. Thank you, India! I love them - I was hanging my nose over them for ages before caving and buying them :P xxx