30/10/13 - 'Be Prepared' This Hallowe'en

Even though my parents don't approve ("it's just one big Americanism that Britain has adopted, what's even the point of it?"), I love Hallowe'en.  Now, I'm not a big one for the scary things in life; I see no appeal to the idea of horror films or haunted houses, and although I don't really I think I believe in paranormal activity and all that jazz, I still don't fancy tempting fate - the idea of Ouija boards freaks me out way more than it should.  But, of course, Hallowe'en is a big event in my calendar because - let's all say it together - it's a chance for fancy dress.  I must be starting to sound dull with that old chestnut.  If you need a reminder of how much I love Hallowe'en, you can check out last year's post here.

This year, I'm not doing anything on 31st October but on the Saturday, I will be celebrating in Hull with a night out in my favourite club - where better to spend Hallowe'en weekend than in a dark and slightly sticky nightclub where the drinks have alcohol percentages high enough to kill a Russian hitman?  And because I'm heading back to Hull, there is of course a theme for the evening - scary characters from musical theatre.  And I've chosen Scar from 'The Lion King'.  I will admit that when I was younger, I always preferred the evil characters and villains in things; they were generally more interesting to me and I don't know what that says about me as a child.  Scar was always my favourite of the villains, so I'm excited to pay tribute to him.  God, that sounds weird.  For inspiration, I've been blasting 'Be Prepared' and perfecting my snarl.

I was inspired by stumbling across a makeup tutorial on YouTube and once I'd seen it, I couldn't get the idea out of my head.  As my journey to Hull will be a bit rushed (heading straight from the theatre in Manchester), I intend to dress in black and use the makeup as my costume, paired with some back-combing to create a mane of hair.

A combination of Bourjois Healthy Mix (51 Light Vanilla), Revlon Nearly Naked (110 Ivory) and Barry M Foundation Crème (1 White)
MUA Professional Eye Primer
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (Fair)
Urban Decay Naked palette (specifically Hustle, Toasted and Half-Baked)
Collection Eye Definer (1 Black) doubled as lip liner
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam
NARS bronzer (Laguna)
Natural Collection eyeshadow (Mocha) for eyebrows
2True Easy Glide Kohl Pencil (16 White) for scar
H&M 'Into The Nights' eyeshadow palette to define scar
Topshop lipstick (Innocent)

I will be adding false lashes to this mix for the actual event, but I'm not sure as yet which ones I'll use...in all honesty, probably just get the thickest ones Primark have on offer.  Don't judge me; they cost £1!

I used a new Barry M matte polish in Espresso and painted, albeit rather messy, tips with a Miss Sporty Quickdry Clubbing Colours polish which doesn't appear to have a name or a number.  This is about as close to lion's claws as I can get, and I really love the contrast of the matte black finish with the gold glitter.  I feel like matte nails might become my new 'thing' for AW'13.

And there it is!  The real question is; will I be able to pull this look together effectively when applying all my makeup on a moving train at night?  The answer is; probably not.  The lash application will probably have to be done on my arrival and I'm not convinced any of it is going to work.  Hence the need for a trial run, which sparked this blog post.

I think I need to work on my scary faces.

What is your Hallowe'en costume of choice?  Let me know in the comments!