03/11/12 - Monkeying Around with Megan

So last weekend was a little...hectic, to say the least.  The lovely Megan, who you can see in my London summer posts, was staying at my house for the weekend for all the fun and frolics of the student lifestyle that she must sorely be missing while she's down South having a proper job.  'Fun and frolics' such as messy kitchens, freezing houses and very very  drunk people.  But other than that, she seemed to enjoy herself!

She came up on Friday afternoon and after she went for lunch with another friend and I 'did some work' (i.e. watched Made In Chelsea and tried to tidy my bedroom), we got our gladrags on and made our way to my favourite restaurant near uni, Ruby Lounge...it's only a fifteen minute walk from my house and the cocktails are to die for.  When we got there, we met the rest of the current Performing Arts Society exec committee, of which Megs was the founding member last year, and had a wonderful evening catching up.  It was great to see everyone in a more relaxed context - no pressure of committee meetings, rehearsals or big group socials - and we had a lovely chat with some delicious food and drinks.  I'd love to do a review of Ruby Lounge at some point, but the lighting in there is not at all conducive to photography.  We'll see though, maybe one day.

Fifty Shades of...Green?  Anna, Megs and I before Ruby Lounge

As we left the restaurant, the weather turned freakish as it is liable to do in the ridiculous North of England - it started snowing.  Not heavily and not enough to stick, but enough to freeze us to the very core on our way home.  Thankfully, we were greeted by a warm house and dessert courtesy of my lovely housemate Charlie (you can find the recipe here - you will not regret it!)  

Saturday was a nice relaxing day which consisted of a long lie-in and then a wander to the shops in order to buy Megan a costume for our social in the evening (more on that later).  While we were out, we stocked up on food for the evening and the next day as well as doing a milkshake run for my housemates who were at home studying diligently.  So Milky Way shakes all round were well earned!  We got back, sat around chatting before I whipped up some nachos for tea, which were pretty tasty if I do say so myself.  Nachos are one of my favourite things to make because they're just so easy, but taste delicious!

Once we'd eaten, it was time to get ready for the evening's festivities.  Namely, a Performing Arts social with the theme 'Northern Monkeys and Southern Fairies' - a bit of friendly rivalry is always encouraged.   It was a good laugh, even people who didn't know each other very well were all chatting and getting on, and it was great to just let my hair down (metaphorically - my hair was actually fashioned into monkey ears).

This was probably the turning point of my night, and a big mistake.

A lot of alcohol was consumed - mostly by me - and then it was time to stumble home, buy Subway and drink cups of tea.  Well, everyone else drank tea...I went to bed with all my make-up still on.  Needless to say, I felt horrendous on Sunday morning.  Like, I thought I was dying horrendous.  Not pleasant.

Sunday consisted of lying on the sofa groaning and watching Jamie's 15-Minute Meals (not a good idea to look at lots of food when you feel as nauseous as I did) and all the TV we missed on Saturday night - we're a big X Factor household.  I quite impressed myself, however, by managing to provide some vague approximation of a roast dinner for Emma and Megan while the two of them made some yummy chocolate cupcakes - I did take photos, but my camera didn't do them justice at all.  Then Jemma came round for a cup of tea and a much-needed catch-up...I've missed her SO much since she emigrated to Italy.  It sounds like she's having a wonderful time and I've been really enjoying keeping updated on her adventures on her lovely blog!

So overall, I had a wonderful weekend with some of my favourite people in the world...even if I did find myself feeling a little worse-for-wear on Sunday!  I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend...let me know what you did down in the comments!