02/11/12 - Spending Spree

[Forgive me if this is a little slap-dash; if this were a beauty or fashion blog, this would be labelled a 'haul'.  However, as this blog is a little less organised than that, it's just me chatting on about what I've spent money on recently.  If it doesn't interest you, look away now.  Also, I apologise for the quality of the photos.]

I am not good at saving money.  In fact, I am spectacularly poor at it.  The temptation to spend is always far too strong.  Particularly since I've been at university, it's a bit of a problem. I pay my rent and bills, I buy food, I pay my gym membership...and I vow that I'm going to be really controlled with the rest of my money.  No takeaways, no extravagant purchases, no getting drunk and going for an extra cash machine run on a night out.  And I always fail.  This year is no exception.

I've been back at uni for nearly two months now and my bank balance is seriously hemorrhaging money.  When I live at home with my parents, I find it much easier to save money.  I have a job which pays me weekly and, most importantly and effectively, I have a mother who likes to inspect my purchases with a critical eye - her favourite phrase is, "Do you really need another bag/dress/eye-liner/pair of shoes?"  It makes a massive difference to my spending habits.   But recently, I've been treating myself a little.  In all honesty, nothing I've bought is too extortionate.  In fact, they could be classed as essentials.  Yeah, essentials.  That makes me feel better.

Blue split front jumper from New Look (the website
only has red by hey ho!), £12.99 (with discount, £10.39)
This jumper was definitely essential, especially as it was such a bargain.  It's really cosy, particularly because I always buy jumpers a little on the larger side, and I love the colour.  It's such an easy thing to chuck on with trackies of a cold evening (we have a lot of those in my freezing house) but it can equally look just as nice to wear out in the day with jeans or a skirt and tights.  The photo doesn't do it justice, the colours are much deeper (and nicer) than that.

Red jumper with asymmetric
hem from Zara, £17.99
This jumper was another must-have and with the cold Northern winter closing in, I feel the need to stock up on snuggly knitwear.  I was torn between this colour and the same jumper in a deep green, settling for this as it was more of a contrast to the jumper above.  The asymmetric hem makes it that little bit unique and I am very tempted to go and buy the green one as well.  Perfect to wear with simple black leggings and winter boots.  [Disclaimer: this photo doesn't look anything like the actual jumper. For some reason, I can't capture the actual colour at all.]

Black sausage dog print snood from
River Island, £16 (with discount, £12.80)
I am a bit of a scarf junkie, but I don't actually have that many at university with me which is how I justified this purchase.  I only have two day-to-day scarves and one woolly winter one here, so I needed another just to give me some more options.  And just look at the adorable sausage dog pattern - couldn't resist it!  

Gold necklace from Topshop, £10 (with discount, £8)
Very simple reasoning here: I don't have very much gold jewellery.  I picked up the necklace and remarked, "Hmm I don't wear a lot of gold...probably because I don't have any."  Straight to the till.  Boom.  God bless the impulse buy as I have been wearing this a lot - makes a daytime outfit look more put together, but equally as perfect for something more dressy.

Green blazer from River Island,
£40 (in the sale, £20)
This may have been a little less essential to my winter wardrobe, but it's something that caught my eye and I just had to have it.  I was totally sold on it, even at the original price so when it came up on the website for half price, I didn't give it a second thought.  Plus, the colour is really festive.

Cowl neck wrap dress by Wal-G for
Topshop, £33 (with discount, £26.40)
This dress was a bit of a treat, but also something that I needed - you can't wear any old thing to a hen do at which you are a bridesmaid, right?  Anyway, this was a bit of a stressful purchase; when I tried it on in the shop for the first time, it wouldn't fasten.  For real.  And there was no bigger size.  So I spent some time being a tad depressed.  Then I made the rash decision to get it on the days Topshop were doing 20% student discount and dun dun DUN slim into it.  Never a good idea, except I put a limit on it.  If it still didn't fasten by the time the returns policy ran out, it would go back and I would get a refund.  And I tried it on recently after a lot of healthy eating and gym sessions, and it finally zips up.  I don't know if I just got a dodgy one in the changing rooms, but whatever.  I'm a happy bunny.

Collection 2000 Extreme 24-hour felt tip liner
available from most high street drugstores, £2.99
This eyeliner is my ultimate life-saver at the moment.  Super affordable even on a student budget and the felt tip pen applicator means that it's ideal for even those who are a little bit intimidated by liquid eyeliner's reputation for being messy and difficult to master.  I swear, without this, I would have been late to so many seminars!  It's the easiest eyeliner I've ever used...and I find it tough to leave the house without my eyeliner.  Even at quarter to nine when I really should be leaving the house if I want to make my early seminars, it takes two seconds to whack it on and I instantly feel more human.

Ponche shower gel from Lush, 100g bottle £4.95
I am a huge LUSH fan and this shower gel is something I've been craving ever since I heard about it.  Inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch and made with infusions of orange, plum and cinnamon, the fruity scent is to die for.  All topped off with a shot of tequila and anyone who knows me knows that I looooove me some tequila.  I bought the handy little bottle to try it and because I'll be travelling around quite a bit over the next month, but if I like it I might go and stock up on one of the big bottles.

Lipstick in 'Wicked' from Topshop's
A/W Collection, £9 (with discount, £8.10)

I really fancied a new lipstick and this one is the perfect autumnal shade that I was looking for.  While the bullet looks a bit dark and daunting, the actual colour which you can see swatched is much pinkier and less scary.  I've worn it once and I love it.  I love the consistency of Topshop lipsticks and this colour will be a regular feature this winter, I can tell.

I hope you've found this interesting and maybe spotted something you might treat yourself to on your next shopping trip.  Let me know in the comments if there's anything in here that  has inspired you and also what your favourite A/W purchase has been so far this year!