14/05/13 - And The Winner Is...

Every now and then, I feel the need to prove to myself and to others that I can be classy.  I am not a sophisticated person.  I love slobbing in my pyjamas, I'm easily over-excited at the sight of free wine, and I'm far too clumsy to go to fancy events very often.  But as I said, occasionally the opportunity arises for me to prove that I can be ladylike.  Normally, this ends with me eating onion rings at ridiculous o'clock in the morning on the floor outside a takeaway, heels long gone and a very sore head the next day - I wish I could say this was a rare occurrence.  But this time, I actually managed to maintain this refined manner all evening!

Friday night was my university's annual award ceremony to celebrate societies and individuals who have made the most positive impact on the student body during the year.  I was there with Performing Arts (which I never shut up about recently), as we were nominated for the Society of the Year award.  As we're only just finishing our second year, even being shortlisted was a huge achievement and we were all just grateful to be there for the event.  

It's not a night out with PA until there are jazz hands

It was a lovely evening held in our union's club, Asylum - it looks much nicer with big round tables everywhere and lots of balloons and things, rather than being full of plastered freshers grinding on each other to the sounds of One Direction which is how it normally is.  Everyone looked really smart, and it was a lovely chance to celebrate everybody who works so hard to give our students the best possible university experience.  Lots of very deserving people won awards, including...us!  Although we didn't think it possible as such a young society and against such strong competition, we actually won the Society of the Year award and stormed the stage en masse to accept the certificate.  I think I'm still a little bit in shock but I couldn't be prouder - we've all worked so hard and for that to be recognised by the powers that be within the Union is just incredible.

Proud VP and President - we couldn't have done it without them!

There was a professional photographer at the event, and I'm pretty sure I remember him snapping some shots of us leaving the stage which I imagine would be hilarious and hideous at the same time - we were all very excited and I don't think I was the only one doing a mixture of crying and excited jumping on the spot.  Unfortunately, those photos have not emerged just yet.

However, some may say the biggest achievement of the evening was the ability of myself and our lovely Vice-Pres Lauren to actually stay sober.  We have a bit of a reputation for our drunken escapades and we wanted to prove that we could be classy...just for one night.  Although some of the photos may suggest otherwise, we were genuinely on our best behaviour!

Great minds think alike!

A fantastic night was had by all and while a lot of people were feeling pretty rough the next morning, I was fresh as a daisy...well, a tired daisy but not a hungover one!  I quite enjoyed being a classy lady for an evening although I don't know if I have the self-control to do it frequently; I've never turned down so many free drinks and shots in my life! 

Do you consider yourself a classy person, or do you struggle with it like I do?