12/09/14 - Short Story: The Journey To Buxton

     “Is this seat taken?”
     The man was oblivious to my voice for a moment, and then he caught a glimpse of me looming over him in the corner of his eye and his head jerked up.  He tugged one of his headphones from his ear and turned his eyes quizzically up to me.

11/09/14 - Short Story: Twenty Twenty

     Some relationships are doomed from the outset.  Most will come to an end at some point, whether it’s a crashing tempestuous finale or a pathetic little fizzle.  It’s only that lucky handful that last for any significant time, and a tiny percentage of those are actually permanent arrangements. 

10/09/14 - Mondrian and his Studios at Tate Liverpool

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Even if you don't consciously know the name Piet Mondrian or his importance to the world of twentieth century abstract art, you'll undoubtedly be familiar with some of his work.  His style is so distinctive that you can't fail to recognise it and his influences stretch far beyond the art world.  I've suddenly started noticing Mondrian everywhere.  A billboard displaying a car advert caught my eye with its black lines and primary coloured blocks, as did Katy Perry's video for her new song 'This Is How We Do'.  He's everywhere, which just goes to show how vital his work is even seventy years after his death.

03/09/14 - Monthly Reads: August

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I read a lot...not as much as I used to, but still a considerable amount.  Sometimes I read things that maybe aren't quite worthy of an entire review post of their own, but that I still want to share with the world.  Sometimes I might want to write an entire review of something but just know that I'll never get around to it.  So I've decided to give you a little rundown of everything I've read recently in handy bite-sized chunks...this might be a bit of a cop-out, but at least I get a chance to have a little chat about them all.