17/06/15 - Granola Recipe

Recently, I've been on a bit of a health kick...which is a phrase that I wouldn't normally associate with myself.  Although my diet has never been particularly awful (expect for in the first year of uni but I certainly wasn't the only person living on pasta, chips and £1 shots) and I walk pretty much everywhere, I definitely have some bad habits.  For instance I'm not a big fan of any kind of exercise and I can happily eat a whole tube of Pringles in one sitting.  But by making a few easy changes to replace less healthy foods with better alternatives, I've found that I feel a lot happier, less groggy and I've been saving money.  However, breakfast was proving to be the most difficult meal to adapt.  No one eats salad for breakfast, and I definitely needed to steer away from my very bread-heavy morning routine.  And that's where this recipe comes in!

04/06/15 - An Evening with Amanda Palmer at RNCM

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Amanda Palmer has been on most people's radars in some form or another for the past fifteen years, but it was her 2014 TED talk that made the world sit up and listen. This was followed by her debut book - part autobiography, part self-help book - The Art of Asking which elaborates on her idea of the relationship between artist and audience.  Since its release last November, the book has gained momentum with support from the likes of Caitlin Moran and Brené Brown.  I bought the book for my boyfriend when it came out after he was inspired to read it by the viral TED talk, and on his recommendation we purchased tickets for An Evening with Amanda Palmer.