30/12/14 - Allow me to reintroduce myself.

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Long time no see, old blog pals.  I readily admit that I have been particularly terrible at keeping up with this little corner of the Internet recently, but life has been more than a little mental.  (Like it's the first time you've all heard that one...) There have been some pretty big and exciting things going on and, particularly with the festive period, I've been run off my feet which has left me a bit shattered of late.  But things are looking to become a little calmer in the New Year - or at least, I'll be busy with fun blog-worthy things rather than with rubbish work things that no one wants to read about. 

2014 has been a year of big changes and, although anyone who knows me well will know that that I'm not exactly great at dealing with change, I've had an absolutely incredible twelve months...actually, most of that incredibleness has manifested in the last six months.  When I think back to the Hannah of this time last year, I'm amazed by how much I've developed.  And this blog has developed with me; not only did it get a total makeover and a new URL, I'm now intent on using this website as a means of collecting my creative writing as well as lifestyle/food/book-blogging...you may have noticed the addition of a new 'Portfolio' tab, that's what that is.  And that brings me to my New Year's resolution, which is really the point of this post.