25/08/15 - 'The History Boys' by Alan Bennett #InfiniteVarietyBooks

It's been far too long since I did a bookish blog post and as an avid reader, writing about books is something that I am determined to start doing more of...starting from now!  I stumbled across this post on the lovely Sterling's blog and I was keen to jump on this particular bandwagon.  I absolutely love the idea of a blogger's book club and particularly when I saw that the first month's book was Alan Bennett's The History Boys (aka. my favourite play), I couldn't resist getting involved.

01/08/15 - American Idiot at the Arts Theatre, London

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For the Millennial Generation, at least, you may struggle to find an album that means as much as Green Day's American Idiot.  Even in the UK (where we didn't feel George Bush's reign so acutely), it was the soundtrack to many people's adolescence and the first form of media to truly pinpoint our feelings of nonconformity and struggles with identity.  It is also arguably the most prominent work of art to openly express opposition to the Bush administration, so much so that even ten years later the themes and ideas that the album addresses are still as relevant as they were at the time.  And now, at London's Arts Theatre, these songs are being given a new life in the form of a jukebox musical which expands on Green Day's concept album.  Although it may not seem as though a punk rock musical would appeal to either to fans of punk rock or of musical theatre, American Idiot the Musical is a force of nature that somehow just works.