04/01/13 - A perfect end to 2012!

So it's the start of a whole new year.  2012 seemed to whizz by with some incredible highs and some devastating lows.  My life has changed so much in the past twelve months, and I've changed with it.  But that doesn't mean I'm not content.  Earlier in the year, I could never have dreamed that I would be as happy now as I am and I consider myself to be a much stronger person.  I have the most amazing family and friends, and honestly I wouldn't have been able to cope without them - they know who they are, and they know how much I love them!  Now, I promise that's the end of the cringey bit!

Since Christmas, it's been a little bit hectic and that's why this little corner of the Internet has been tad quiet.  Between my cousin's wedding on December 29th (which you can read about here) and spending New Year in Norwich with family friends we haven't seen for about five years, I've been a busy bee!  

New Year's Eve was lovely.  It's always great to catch up with people you haven't seen for a while, and it was nice to have a chilled few nights.  It was very relaxing, involving a lot of board games, champagne and chocolate - what more could you need?  I didn't take any photos unfortunately, but I was too busy recovering from the excitement of the wedding; it was lovely to watch my gorgeous cousin marry her perfect man - I've never seen her happier!

But now I'm home and it won't be long before I'm back to grindstone at university.  The thought of essays are hanging overhead and the Christmas habit of gorging on chocolates is starting to take a toll, so I think it might be time for some New Year's Resolutions.

1) Get a degree.  This is the most important one, as graduation is closing in and terrifying me.  I need to put university work first - writing up notes, essay-planning and wider reading are going to take priority over TV and film watching, online shopping and general procrastination.

2) Spend less money.  This was originally going to be a straightforward attempt to waste less cash on silly luxuries, but after reading this post on Laura's blog, I've been convinced to make it a little more restrictive.  So here we go - my very own spending ban:

  • These rules apply between now and Easter - after that, I will reassess and see how I'm doing;
  • No non-essential beauty items (shampoo and conditioner would be allowed, as would replacing make-up items that I use on a daily/regular basis if they run out or get lost);
  • One clothes purchase a month;
  • One book purchase a month, other than university related books;
  • No unnecessary food - only if I have absolutely no time to go home for lunch;
  • One takeaway and one 'nice' meal out a month (this can also be two takeaways or two meals, depending on the month);
  • No candles/home decor - I'm a sucker for scented things and candles;
  • No magazines unless justified by a really good value free gift.
Let's see how long I can keep it up.  I'm not convinced.

3) Food and exercise.  I intend to cook at least one proper meal a week (this can be a one-off, or something that can then be kept and go towards several other meals), and try two brand new recipes a month.  It's so easy to rely on old favourites because they're easy.  I need to eat something other than chili and soup!  If I can, I'll blog as many of the recipes as I can.
Exercise-wise, I'm not sure if I'll rejoin the gym simply for the money aspect.  But I do want to get bikini-ready for the summer, so I want to get into a habit of doing my 30 Day Shred video, alongside walking more and possibly swimming.  I might have to get back on the treadmill at some point, but we'll see.

So there is it!  My plans for 2013.  I'm not sure how long they'll last, but I'll keep you updated.  I think I'm more likely to actually stick to these if I have the pressure of people knowing I'm failing!  

What are your New Year's resolutions? Pop them in the comments, as I'm always interested to know what other people feel they need to change and improve in their lives...I guess I'm just nosey!  


A photo of Europe bringing in 2013, courtesy of NASA supposedly.


  1. Good Luck Hannah! I have already had my nice meal out and paid for lunch :') not doing great! X

    1. Thank you! I'm dreading it, especially as I loooove eating out :P xxx

  2. I definitely need to stop spending money and do more exercise, I'd love to feel confident in a bikini this summer!
    I'm enjoying looking through your blog so far chick, pop over to mine and say hi sometime :)
    Chloe xx

    1. It's so tough though, with the temptations of all that leftover Christmas chocolate! :P

      Thank you so much - I will definitely go and check out your blog! :)


  3. I love reading people's resolutions, definitely interesting! Loved the way you framed the post, the flow was very beautiful!


    1. Thank you so much :) Yeah, I find it fascinating to see what other people are inspired to do in next twelve months :)