19/02/13 - Party Time in Manchester

I know I haven't been blogging a lot recently; swamped with essays, Performing Arts commitments and general 'this is my last term of university, this is terrifying' stuff.  Which has left little room to do anything worth blogging about.  But this past weekend, I had an amazing weekend with some of my favourite people in a city which is rapidly becoming one of my favourites as well.

My gorgeous and very talented friend Chloe (you can check out her wonderful photography here and I highly recommend you do, she's genuinely brilliant) turned 21 and some of our friends from home descended on the Greater Manchester area to celebrate.  In my rush and excitement to get there, I managed to forget not only my night-out flats, any and all jewellery I might have considered and to paint my nails (I had to buy a cheap one and do them on the train.  Can't go wrong with a £1.99 Miss Sporty polish!) - I also didn't pack my camera.  Bad blogger.  So the following photos have been poached from Facebook...big love to Chelsea and Rachael for being more organised than me!

The birthday girl, struggling to blow out her candles.

The beautiful brunette on the right has a
wonderful blog you should look at!

We had a wonderful evening; lots of drinking, dancing and laughter.  I tried coffee-flavoured vodka for the first time, abandoned my heels in favour of wearing my trainers to the club (apparently, it looked edgy and not just stupid - I was happy to accept that as I really didn't want to wear my heels), and spent getting on towards half an hour assembling the world's most uncomfortable camp bed whilst eating dry toast on the return to Chloe's flat at 4am.  I am most definitely going to miss the student lifestyle!

It was a lovely break from the essays-and-lectures routine and it's always great to see the girls from home.  Although time is rapidly running out, I'm hoping we can squeeze in plenty more times like this before some of us graduate and have to - eek! - settle down.

Hopefully I will have more to write about soon, but as it is, the only things I can really promise are recipe posts and some potential beauty product reviews.  If that's something you'd be interested in, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Clo, when did you grow them babies!? You all look so beautiful <3 glad you had a lovely night! xxx

    1. It really was a brilliant weekend and everyone looked gorgeous, especially the lovely birthday girl :) xxx