03/06/13 - End of Year Ball

This weekend provided yet another opportunity to get a bit more dressed up - I seem to have been finding quite a lot of those recently.  This was our university's End of Year Ball; the Student Union was transformed to reflect the Alice in Wonderland theme, the car park was turned into a fairground and a stage was erected to hold a host of acts including Rudimental and JLS.  As well as all that, there was a chocolate fountain, a silent disco and a hog roast amongst other things.  I didn't go to the event last year and the ball in first year was...dramatic to say the least.  So I was excited to see my university experience out with a bang and no arguments!  I'm happy to say that that is exactly what I did.

We invited a big group of people over to our house for pre-drinks before going to the ball.  After Pimms, sparkling wine and even Moet (who says students can't be classy?), we headed outside into the surprisingly pleasant evening weather to take some photos of everyone in their finest.

I'm really going to miss my gorgeous housemates

My dress is from Jones & Jones for Topshop, and
my shoes are Zara - both a very early birthday present
from my lovely friend Alistair.
The atmosphere when we arrived was amazing - everyone was having a great time, and it was a fantastic evening which involved a lot of bumping into people you didn't even realise were there and losing the people you came with.  I danced to everything from Rudimental on the main stage to the live band in the jazz tent and the eclectic mix of tunes on the silent disco headphones.  I ate chips from the food vans and doughnuts smothered in melted chocolate while trying not to drip on my hand-wash-only dress.  I chatted to people I haven't seen for months, and subsequently missed a chance to go on the dodgems (the only bit of the fairground I can stomach, wimp that I am) as it closed at midnight.  I kept my shoes on for the vast majority of the night, which makes me very proud.  Unlike some of my friends, I only had a few drinks all night which worked out for the best - a clear head the next day, a total recall of the fun I had the night before, and a surprising amount of cash left in my purse!

Overall, I couldn't think of a better way to round off a fantastic year.  I spent the night with some of my favourite people in the world, having a brilliant time and making memories which will stay with me through the months of uncertainty which will follow my move home on Saturday - eek!

Cheers to the end of an amazing year!

You can read the lovely Charlie's post about the same night here and I highly recommend you do, her blog is great!