20/10/13 - These Boots Are Made For Winter

I am not a practical person.  Nowhere near it.  I'm always the girl fashioning an umbrella from a handbag or a scarf, the one who gives the most long-winded directions to a place just around the corner, someone who puts things off until the last minute for as long as possible.  My footwear choices are no better.  I won't pretend I don't have a lot of shoes, but very few of them are what you'd call 'practical' or even 'waterproof'.  Also, I have a bad habit of latching onto one pair and wearing them to death until they physically fall off my feet.  My most recent casualty have been my leopard print Topshop Vectras; after losing one of my black ones - don't ask me how because I don't know - I bought these in a sale for £7 (a good twenty quid less than the original price) and although they were mostly definitely not made for wet weather, I was unable to admit it.  They've spent many an hour drying on radiators and now I think I finally have to retire their worn out little soles.  And to replace them?  The buzzwords in this mission were 'sensible', 'black' and above all, 'flat'.  I have an addiction to ankle boots with little heels and while they look fabulous, they're not the most comfortable shoes.  Especially now I have a job which requires me to be on my feet for hours at a time and the weather is turning bleak, appropriate footwear is an absolute must.

With my parents in tow to make sure I didn't stray from my brief, I headed to Cheshire Oaks which is a local outlet village.  I knew that it would be the best place to get decent shoes (i.e. not high street, which are not built to last) with a nice little discount off the RRP.

Skechers, £52.99 (outlet price)
These boots are super comfortable and look almost exactly like a pair I was hanging my nose over in Forever 21.  Although the price is obviously a little higher than in Forever 21, these Skechers boots look so much more substantial and the fit is much better.  I love the quilted detail and the sturdy sole means that I can rely on these to be waterproof...something that can't be said for most of my shoes!

Xti Territory, £14.99 (outlet price)
 I absolutely couldn't resist these black studded shoes when I saw them in Sole Traders. The only differences between these and my beloved Topshop Vectras are the gold studs as opposed to silver, a more substantial sole, and these were at least £10 cheaper than the others.  Also, I fear the Vectras have been discontinued as I've struggled to find them anywhere recently...so these had the upper-hand there!  They're really comfortable and so versatile; I wear them with basically anything.

Hopefully with these two pairs added to my collection, I'll be set for the winter months now - no more soggy socks or aching toes from wearing heeled shoes to walk miles.

What are your autumn fashion must-haves?  A good pair of boots will never see you wrong!


  1. Good choice dear ...... especially that black boot are really attractive .... you got nice collection of casual footwear !!!

  2. That booties without much Heels and Wedges ....really looks comfortable !!!

  3. that black pair seems like ballerina shoes still gives hot look..;)