04/11/13 - Everything's Coming Up Rose Jam

I am a huge fan of LUSH and their products.  It's not just their colourful bath bombs, the super-friendly staff and the wonderful variety of scents; I am particularly drawn to their all-natural ingredients and the ethical nature of the company's values.  However, I won't pretend the deliciousness of basically everything they sell doesn't help!  I know a lot of people can't deal with the almost oppressive smell of a LUSH store, but I personally can't get enough.  

Every now and then, I get full-on addicted to a certain scent and my current one is a LUSH staple Rose Jam - as its tag-line says, "if the Women's Institute knew how to make bath products, this is what they'd make".  While LUSH stock various bath and body products in this scent as part of their core collection, the shower gel is the first I tried.  It's limited edition for the winter, and I think I'm going to have to stock up before it vanishes from the shelves.

The smallest size (100g) costs £4.65
Having seen it on the website, I was initially mildly skeptical  and surprised by how much I liked it when I actually smelled it.  When I think of rose-scented products, my immediate reaction is to wrinkle my nose.  They tend to be artificially sweet and sickly, which causes me to avoid them.  Despite not normally being a fan of floral scents, I can't get enough of this one.  Rose Jam is the perfect mix of rose Turkish Delight with some honey and vanilla sweetness, and fruity zest from the Sicilian lemon oil.  It's much sweeter than my usual shower/bath products as I tend to gravitate towards fresher and more citrus scents, but I am obsessed.  After trying to smallest size of the shower gel, I had to get myself straight back down to LUSH to pick up a couple of the Rose Jam Bubbleroons.

£3.50 each

These share their sweet scent with the shower gel, and make for a lovely bath-time experience.  My favourite thing about these is that you can stretch them out into several uses, giving you more bang for your buck.  I crumble about half under running water to create frothy fruity bubbles and give the water a lovely soft pink colour.  

These photos don't do justice to how lovely this bath was!

After using these products, particularly the bubble bars, my skin feels so soft and supple, and the scent lingers really well.  I definitely intend to ask for the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner for Christmas, as it smells the same but it's a little pricier than I can stretch to right now!

Do you like LUSH products?  What's your favourite scent?  Let me know in the comments!