05/12/13 - Baking with Bailey's: Cookies

As promised, this is the first installment in my latest blog series (latest and first can be the same thing, right?  Have I done a blog series before?  Feel free to jog my memory if I'm being dense) and it's a good'un if I do say so myself.  I should issue a warning here: this is a diet-free zone.  If you're counting calories or trying to eat healthily at all, you might want to look away now as the following post may cause you to crack and I don't want to be responsible for any binge-eating.

I used this recipe and found that it didn't even really need much tweaking.  Maybe I was making my portions too small, but these ingredients made nearly twice as many cookies as the recipe said they would...not that that is a bad thing at all.  The mixture was super thick and luxurious, and you could definitely taste the Bailey's.  It was also a really quick and easy recipe, without any crazy ingredients or difficult techniques to master.

Don't try and take photos of the inside of your oven. It disturbs the baking and the resulting photos are totally not worth it.
My final result were much cake-ier than I think they were supposed to be, but that's not a negative quality unless you have your heart set on particularly biscuity cookies.  When these were fresh out of the oven, they were really gooey and sticky with nice big melty chocolate chunks...and they're just as tasty when they're properly cooled.  Most of the alcohol content cooks off in the baking process, but the Irish cream-y taste is still there and really adds something to what could be an overly-sweet chocolate biscuit/cake/thing.  The Bailey's gives it an extra element and a little edge.

Overall, I consider these to be success - they went down well with my family and it's a recipe that I would definitely try again, maybe with smaller quantities of the ingredients if I'm only catering for four!  

Do you have any suggestions for the next Baking With Bailey's post?  Let me know in the comments!

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