30/03/13 - Happy Easter!

Since I personally don't have an awful lot to say about this particular festive holiday - other than "Wooo the end of Lent means I can eat take-aways again, not that I really stuck to it this year anyway" - I thought I'd leave it to some much more talented people than I.  So this post will be a compilation of Easter posts from some of my favourite bloggers...better known as 'Hannah Is A Massive Cop-Out'.  

[Disclaimer: I don't claim rights over any of the images in this post; they are all taken from the respective blogs to illustrate the posts I am recommending.  I wish my camera was this good.]

Rosie (aka. The Londoner) never disappoints with her brilliant combination of recipes, reviews and general lifestyle posts.  Reading her blog makes me hate my life just a little bit, but it's equally aspirational.  Warning; it's very easy to become obsessed and read every single post within the space of a few days, as my friends and I did on first discovering this.

Another Easter recipe, this time written by India, a university student splitting her life between Exeter and Oxford.  Again, a great mix of restaurant reviews and general lifestyle posts which are always a joy to read.

I absolutely adore these nail polishes, and this blog post about them fits nicely with the Easter theme.  Ellie's beauty and fashion blog is brilliant, with fantastic product reviews and regular 'Outfit of the Weekend' posts.

Hot Cross Loaf and Lemon Curd from Lips So Facto
Well, you may have noticed that I like food.  Specifically Easter food.  Meg's blog is a great read for any beauty fanatics with varied product reviews, monthly favourites posts and great Nail of the Day tutorials.  I particularly like it for the occasional healthy recipes.

DIY Easter Pinatas from A Pair and A Spare
This is something a bit different from all the recipes; a really fun little craft activity which would make a really cute alternative to a full-on Easter egg.  This blog is crammed with fantastic DIY projects which makes me want to give up shopping altogether and make all my own clothes.  But I'm just not a very crafty person, unfortunately.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, even though it's a bit of a change from my usual stuff, and I hope that you might discover some more fantastic blogs to read from my recommendations!

Have a lovely Easter, everyone!