10/03/13 - Happy Mother's Day!

This post will be short and sweet...just a little chance for me to be a bit soppy about my wonderful mother.  I don't say it enough, but she really is one of the most important and inspirational people in my world.  While I clearly didn't get my love of having my photograph taken from her (it has been such a struggle to find any photos for this post, let alone any of just the two of us as you can see!), I like to think that I take after her in a lot of other, less narcissistic, ways.  If nothing else, she instilled in me my love for reading and gin...two of the most important things in my life!

I won't lie; I can be an absolute pain to live with and I have no idea how she's coped with it for the past twenty years.  We know exactly how to wind each other up and the state of my bedroom often becomes a huge point of contention between us, but that's the stuff I miss when I'm at university on the other side of the country.  

To cut a long rambly post short, I love her.  And I don't tell her enough.  And I hope I can manage to make her as proud of me as I am to have her as my mum (cringe!).  And chances are she might not see this, because I'm not convinced my family read my blog.  But that isn't the point.

Literally the only photo of both of us I could find,
and it's nearly four years old!

I hope all the mums out there have a lovely Mother's Day and get thoroughly spoiled; I'll be very disappointed if I hear my brother isn't taking good care of my mum while I can't be there.  Don't forget to go and tell the most important woman in your life how much you love her!  Because mothers deserve to be appreciated.