09/04/13 - Happy Birthday, Josh!

So today is my baby brother's 17th birthday...not such a baby any more!  I'm a bit gutted I can't be at home for it as this is the first time I've missed his birthday in his life.

While these pictures largely read as a documentation of the frequent changes to the colour and style of my hair over the last few years (fringe, no fringe, dark, red, faded ginger), they're the most Internet-worthy of a host of unflattering photos taken on various family holidays or at specific events.  There aren't that many photos of the two of us together from recent years, as Josh is clearly too cool for being in photos with his camera-happy older sister now he's nearly an adult.

See?  Look at that sulky face!
It's scary how quickly he's growing up; I really wish I could include some embarrassing baby photos of the two of us, but they're all back at home.  I'll have to save them up for the big 1-8 next year!  By that point, he'll nearly be at uni himself...that's a terrifying thought!

While we have a slightly...antagonistic relationship (him doing the antagonising, naturally.  I'm an amazing sister), I really do love him to pieces.  He's my partner in crime, and genuinely one of the funniest and cleverest people I know.  He's an anomaly within our family as a total Maths and Science geek, but still has a fantastic way with words and he never fails to make me laugh.  But just because it's his birthday.  Tomorrow, I'll deny I ever wrote that.

And he's a pretty snappy dresser too!

I'm not going to get too maudlin because no one wants that but over the past year, Josh has had to cope with quite a lot of stuff and I couldn't be more proud of him for how manfully and stoically he took it all.  Basically, he's got weird blood and had to be in hospital for ages causing him to miss his GCSE exams...good job his predicted grades were so high!  Thankfully, he's now on the mend but he was so brave about all the tests he had done and just generally handled it all in the most amazing way.  I know I couldn't have done the same - as my parents told me, "We just kept thinking 'Thank God it wasn't Hannah, she'd have been such a drama queen!'"  Thanks, Mum and Dad.

What else is there to say?  I hope he has a terrific day with lots of presents and cake, and isn't missing me too much...I know it must be so tough to cope without me ;)

Happy Birthday, dude!