13/02/14 - It's Never Dull in Hull

Stepping off the train in Hull, I always get a wave of nostalgia.  Actually, it starts even before the train pulls in.  I don't know if you're familiar with the Humber Bridge, but it looks a little something like this:

Not my photo, we all know my camera isn't that good.

...and for some reason, it just makes me very very happy whenever I see it.  I associate seeing the Humber Bridge with returning to university for a new term, something that I always loved; the anticipation for all the fun in store, the excitement to see my friends again, the mild apprehension when thinking about all the deadlines that would be coming up.  It still brings a smile to my face, even though it means something different to me now.

So I hopped off the train, heaving my suitcase (yes, I do need a suitcase for four days) with me and promptly headed off to get glammed up for a Gatsby themed house party.  As always, the girls hosting really went all out with the party decorations and an amazing night was had by all.

I wasn't feeling quite so spritely the next morning after consuming rather a lot of gin...well, you have to get into the spirit of a themed party, don't you?  But a pint of lemonade and a big old portion of curly fries later, and I was feeling more human.

Not the world's best photo but just looking at it makes me feel satisfied.

The Friday evening saw yet more delicious food but unfortunately I didn't get any photos.  A combination of catching up with people I hadn't seen for several months and some very low ambient lighting made it a near impossibility.  Rest assured, the food was photo-worthy.  I had a halloumi and mushroom burger with a side of amazing handcut chips...and another side of cheese fries.  Sometimes carbs are all you need.

Saturday daytime was spent lounging in bed and bemoaning how much we ate the night before in between creating the finishing touches for that evening's fancy dress costumes.  The theme was Disney and with a Performing Arts Society, you're guaranteed lots of creative costume ideas.  Have you ever played a Disney-themed drinking game surrounded by fairies, princesses and the occasional villain?  Trust me, it's fun but it can get a little rowdy.  I think the staff of Wetherspoons kind of hated us by the end of the evening.

Meg and Hades
The Toy Story aliens
The cast of Peter Pan
A fantastic night was had by all and yet another pub lunch was necessary the next day...although I found myself unable to face the idea of more chips and I may possibly never eat them again.  Not any time soon, anyway.  After more lounging in bed and catching up on a lot of TV on Sunday evening, I headed back to the train station on Monday with a curd tart in my bag (a Yorkshire delicacy that you just can't get over here) and a need to sleep for the next two days.  I was tired and achey and my purse felt considerably lighter, but I had an incredibly fun weekend and really enjoyed catching up with some people I haven't seen for far too long.

If you were going to a Disney fancy dress event, who would you go as? Let me know in the comments!

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