27/02/14 - Make It Snappy!

I've always loved disposable cameras.  Back in the day, I used to get one for every family holiday and every youth theatre show week, and then I'd annoy everyone by running around and snapping unflattering photos while they weren't looking.  The last time I used one, I realised when I found the developed prints, was for a Sixth Form trip to London...so that's at least five years ago now.  The digital camera revolutionised the way we view personal photography and the development of phones with cameras that are just as good as any camera has changed it even further.  Imagine a party before the invention of the iPhone; you take a photo of your group of friends, carefully posed and smiling.  No one has the ability to look at it immediately and therefore there's no squeals of "Oh God, look at my hair, I look so fat, I'm blinking, ugh I hate it...take another one!" which inevitably leads to a fifteen minute photo shoot of near-identical pictures.  Instead, you have to wait until a good few days after the party, which means you can use all that retaking-photo time to actually enjoy the evening.  Then you get the fun of all getting together to laugh at the less flattering photos when there's nothing you can do about them.  Aah...simpler times...

It was something I was already thinking about, having unearthed a whole batch of old school photos hiding in their paper wallet under my bed.  But then I read this blog post and I was inspired.  Here I am, mourning the loss of analogue photo technology...when it doesn't have to be a loss at all!  Disposable cameras are still readily available and not exactly expensive...what's to stop me from bringing them back into style?

So the plan is to carry a disposable camera around with me everywhere I go and whenever I feel like it, take a couple of snaps.  The point is to make the camera last several weeks and not fill it up in one place, so the delayed gratification of getting the prints back will take even longer than normal.  The memories will come flooding back and it's so much more fun having physical copies of pictures.  When I get the film developed, I'll do another blog post reminiscing on all the fun times I captured!

If any of you fancy joining in on this little challenge, please do...link your blog in the comments and I look forward to seeing the photos you take!


  1. Ahh that's such a good idea! I've actually got an old disposable camera in one of my drawers, maybe I'll take you up on that challenge! xx

    1. Fantastic, I can't wait to see the photos that you collect :D xx