09/10/14 - Urban Decay does Pulp Fiction

My film knowledge is severely lacking, almost anyone who knows me can tell you that. I'm a big fan of rewatching the same silly films multiple times rather than opening myself to new experiences or trying some of the classics.  I think it's because the majority of the time I spend watching films is as a form of background noise or when I've had a long day and want to watch something familiar and easy.  I'm also a big avoider of hype and if someone is too enthusiastic about a film, I'm liable to give it a miss.  This has never been much of a problem, but it does mean that I miss out on some cinematic gems.  Recently, though, my horizons have started widening and the first film that really changed my perspective was Pulp Fiction.  As soon as I started raving about it to people, the response was largely, "You've seriously only just seen Pulp Fiction?!"  Obviously it's a classic, everybody knows that.  And rightly so.  It's brilliant.  If you've not seen it, get on it.

And to celebrate Pulp Fiction's twentieth birthday, Urban Decay have utterly outdone themselves.  A lot of limited edition ranges can err a little too far on the side of novelty and be almost unwearable on a day-to-day basis, particularly in the case of eyeshadow palettes, but Urban Decay have not fallen into this trap.  The idea is to recreate the iconic look that Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace sports, and all of the products involved look gorgeous.  The whole range covers everything; two lip products, a nail polish, an eyeliner...and the pièce de résistance in the form of this incredible eyeshadow palette.

I really should have taken these photos before I used the palette.
I'd make a terrible beauty blogger.
Everything about this product is brilliant.  The high-gloss cardboard packaging is sleek and sports the famous Ezekiel passage that Samuel L. Jackson quotes in the film.  The five shadows are a lovely buttery texture with a lot of pigmentation as Urban Decay shadows tend to be, and all in very wearable shades.  My favourite thing about this palette is the very sensible idea to condense the two shades that will get used a lot less into one pan.  Righteous is a lovely creamy nude matte, Tyranny is a soft brown matte with Vengeance as its slightly darker companion.  Furious and Anger are the white satin highlight and black satin shadows that complete the palette and fill up the final of the four pans.  The palette also includes a little double-ended brush and a how-to card for Mia's gorgeous brown smokey eye look.

At the very reasonable price of £17.50, this is most definitely worth getting your hands on.  I got mine from Debenhams, but you should find this collection anywhere that stocks Urban Decay products.  It was also incredibly handy for this year's Hallowe'en costume - yep, Pulp Fiction made such an impression on me that I couldn't resist becoming Mia Wallace, if just for one night.  I even went so far as attaching a needle to my chest to recreate the famous adrenaline shot scene.  I must say, that thing was a miracle of modern engineering - amazing what you can do with a paperclip and a little bit of thread, but it stayed put all night.  Please excuse the poor quality phone snaps, but you get the general gist.

Let me know if you have experienced Urban Decay's Pulp Fiction collection, and what films you know you should have watched sooner.

Happy Hallowe'en, folks!

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